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Kathleen Smith

Nausea Is Back......Why?

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Hi everyone

I started this gluten free journey in April 2009 when diagnosed with celiac. Did great (I thought) and felling so much better. Then by August for some reason I thought it was okay to cheat when out to dinner. Well, rookie mistake and I paid with it with two months of nausea. And pretty severe nausea. Neeless to say that made me take this for what it is and I did what I called Phase II of gluten free eating. Learned even more about hidden gluten, didnt go out to eat until I had it under control and was feeling good. And when I did, it was a place that offered gluten free menu and that has only been like 3 times. Trying to stay as strict as I can while healing.

So, Sept/Oct was sick. But by Nov I was feeling really good. Dec really good. Now, very end of January I am getting nauseous again!!! It started last week. I have gone over and over it and I dont think I was glutened!

I did start to incorporate bagged lettuce back into my diet and I dont wash it. Could that be it? I also drank Smirnoff vodka a couple of times the past two weeks. Could that be it?

I had all kinds of blood tests back in Sept, also ultrasound, gastric-emptying, CT of abdomin and pelvic. All normal.

Any ideas???

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Uh oh, I'm new to this Celiac thing too but my guess would be that Shmirnoff Vodka may have done it. I know they say that the distillation process gets rid of the wheat BUT what about the other flavouring stuff in the vodka? I have yet to get a clear response from Shmirnoff as to whether the other flavoring ingredients in their vodkas are gluten free.....

- Sara

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