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Dh On Scalp That Went Away?

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Wating for test results. I took a test for Celiac about 4 years ago. I had been on a gluten-free diet for a few weeks at the time and the test came back negative. At the time I had a rash on my scalp and my hair was falling out all over the place. The rash lasted for over a year or even more (can't recall when it went away) but eventually subsided. At the time I didn't know DH affected the scalp. I never really looked at it but it felt like little pimples and they itched terribly. I was constantly itching my head and pulling out hair. I had no signs of DH anywhere else on my body. I have not been on a gluten-free diet until just after I had my tests done recently. I'm just curious if this could have been DH and if it is possible to have DH and then have it go away without going gluten-free.

Just trying to piece things together.

Thanks for any thoughts/experiences you can share.


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