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So Glad To Find This Forum

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Glad to find this forum so im connected with others... Ive had trouble for years and people would tell me my problem wasnt normal and i should do something about it,,I had cramping,constip,,diarr,bloating,tiredness,cause bottom bleeding,,i blamed it on soy sauce because everytime i would have terriaki chicken it would feel like i swallowed glass,,then i blamed it on the nitrates in my summer favorite hot dogs..then i blamed the dairy so i stopped that,,! geez it got to where i didnt know what to eat so i piled on the fruits and veggies and whole grain everything,,omg,!!! I just learned that whole grain everything was ripping me up...How dumb am I,,I totally went on a mission and stopped all the things the websites say to watch for and felt great,!!! I didnt feel bloated etc,,it was great,,then I had a bowl of rice krispies with soy milk and felt so sick afterwards that i blamed the soy milk and stopped all soy products and started eating the wheat yesterday thinking maybe it was the soy all this time,,welllll that oatbread sandwich made me feel a little bloated and gassy so I thought i would have something light like rice krispies and a little skim milk,,omg,,i have been in pain bloated,,,twirling tummy noises,,switching back and forth from feeling constipated to the other..and realized the cereal has malt in it,,how dumb am I.. I wont do that again,,nothing is worth me feeling the way I did all day today... and partially yesterday,,,my tummy hurt so bad this morning i thought i needed to get medical attention,it has subsided with using the bathroom all day but i feel the distention and havent had a thing in about 7 hours and not the least bit hungry,,,,,thank you all for letting me vent this out,,I am going to clean my house out again so I dont grab the wrong thing(i leave a shelf for my husband with his stuff)(LOL)and i give myself shelves so i can see alot of things there that i know i can have so i dont feel deprived,,,,thank you all for being here,,,,almost 3 years ago i quit smoking and the forums helped me through it more than anything,!!! good luck to everybody..even if i dont get replies,it certainly is great to have somewhere to discuss it..

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