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Biopsy Confirmed Celiac And Other Protein Sensitivities, Also Lactose Intolerance....Any Advice?

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I was just recently diagnosed with celiac disease and the biopsy reults came back just today and confirmed it. I have already been on my gluten/dairy/refined sugar free diet since the day of my biopsy...because we already knew I had celiacs from the results of the blood test. However the biopsy apparently showed that I have other protein sensitivities as well. But when I questioned the nurse further on this...she was absolutely no help at all. She couldn't tell me what other proteins there are that I could be sensitive too or anything. Im really just frustrated that I can't get answers out of medical professionals. I want to take care of my body and let it heal after not knowing of the disease for 21 years...but I don't know what else to cut out because I can't get any answers out of these people! And my stomach and intestines seem to hurt after everything I eat anyways...so I don't know how to determine what it is that is bothering me! Does anyone know of a specialists or have any advice?? It would be much appreciated

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