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Biopsy Results And Antibody

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I'm new here and want to find some answers. My dd's name is Sarah and is 3 years old. I just got a call from the nurse. She said, antibody said yes,she may have

celiac but biopsy said, negative. The dr said , see swollen by her stomach

area. And want to put her on prevacid to see if the symptoms will go away.

Also want her to stay on miralax.. And, want her to have more lab works to check

out her white blood/red blood counts also liver. uh? Can anyone help me

understand this?

Her symptoms- constipation, insomnia, excessive hunger, behavior issues.

I'm not sure if excessive hunger and behavior issues are related or even symptoms, I just put it there because she has those issues.



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HI Amy,

I can't comment on the lab results or what the Dr. said, but I recently diagnosed myself and children. We have been on gluten free for 3 weeks. It was easy to see for myself, that I have gluten sensitivity and after much research online and understanding my kids we are all gluten free now. I had a "negative" antibodies test and no biopsy.

My son who is 9, has insomnia issues and hungry all the time issues, he is very thin and average height. Since going gluten-free he is so much better. He would either not get to sleep or if he did he'd be up in the middle of the night. His hunger is also remarkable less. He would want to eat every 5 minutes, mostly something sugary. He has only said that he has been hungry once or twice in three weeks!

He hasn't had behavior issues per se, but he is spastic but not in a Add way, just a happy spaz in a boy way. My daughter on the other hand is 11 and she had been moody and rude, and that has improved a lot too.

I would try gluten-free for her, especially if the antibody was positive, it wouldn't hurt to try, she probably will feel much better! Good luck!

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