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I'm NOT talking about salicylate sensitivity, please keep that to a different thread.

I read something online about low-dose aspirin making food reactions less severe. See http://www.orthomolecular.org/library/jom/1988/pdf/1988-v03n02-p044.pdf

Aspirin is anti-inflammatory. A lot of NSAIDS increase intestinal permeability so they might make food reactions even worse. But low-dose aspirin, I've read, doesn't do this so much or not at all. If I could expand my diet this way and so eat a given food less often, maybe it would help my recovery. I have a huge # of food sensitivities, perhaps as a side effect of celiac disease.

If anyone has heard about this use for aspirin, or some reason why aspirin wouldn't work for this, please tell me.

I'm going to try it. It would be lovely if I could include more foods in my diet.

Please, responses only on this topic, I don't want to hear about other things like SCD, etc.


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