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Get 9Yr Scoped When Blood Work Was Fine?

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hello all.

my 9yr daughter got her blood tested and the dr said it came back fine. but my son just got diagnosed with celiac through a biopsy. his blood work also came back fine, so fine that the dr was shocked to see anything in his biopsy.

so my question is, should i ask to get my daughter scoped as well? she has been having stomach issues on and off for months. and she has been complaining of little sores on her gums. they hurt but they are gone within a few days. i am a celiac and i have gotten sores like that sometimes after getting glutened.

my daughter used to have all kinds of problems when she was a baby through toddler hood. im starting to wonder if it was all symptoms. she would get hives all the time, we could never figure out why. she was pretty small. and i was always taking her to the dr for diarrhea. they told me sometimes little kids will have chronic diarrhea for years then out grow it. which she did. she also started getting taller and caught up to girls her age.

i didnt get diagnosed till 3 years ago. so im not sure if she could have had symptoms for a few years. then none at all for so long. i dont want to request a scope if its unneeded. so, im stumped :huh:

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This is always one of the hardest questions on this board.

You don't want your child going through undue stress. Are the risks going to out weigh the benefit?

What things can this test rule out or diagnose?

This test can look for Celiac damage, malformations, H. Ployri, parasites, Eosinophils, Barrett's esophagus, and I'm sure many other things that I am not remembering or wasn't a lead suspect in my daughter's case. It can also give you a baseline of what extent of damage has been caused from Celiac (if your daughter does have it as you suspect).

My daughter has Celiac and Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

The test can tell you what you are dealing with. Have a medical diagnoses for school co-operation. When we have to deal with our children as teen agers it is extra proof for them to stay strict on the diet and not cheat because of peer pressure.


Picking up a bug at the hospital.


Having an infection or damage from the biopsy.

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