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I Could Kiss The Manager At My Local Market!

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My local market has just vastly expanded the gluten free items it carries to the point where in some cases it's actually better than my local health food stores!

They have some bread, pizza shells, and rolls from a brand I don't recognize, some Swedish or Danish brand, yellow boxes. I forgot to write it down so I am going to go have to go back and do that. But they also added a number of new mixes from various sources, mostly Bob's Mill and Pamela, a few more from GFP.

They also have gluten free soy sauce and tamari, salad dressings, even those Betty Crocker mixes that are supposed to be so good! (Also carrot cake and banana bread from another company.)

I was just so excited walking in there today seeing that.

I even found a good chili mix that was gluten free.

I still want to try the Chebe breads first before I try the ones in the yellow boxes. Those are running $6.50-10.00 an item and are a bit pricey. But I did find someone who sells them locally so I mean to try them and see if I like them this month. If I do I may then order the sampler case.

I'm so happy. Shopping gluten free just got a whole lot easier and somewhat less expensive around here. It remains to be seen if any of what I bought today turns out to be edible, but it's a start and it sure beats eating nothing but Fritos corn chips for bread all month!

Off to bake a CAKE!


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