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Adventures In gluten-free Cooking....

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My local grocery just got the Schar stuff in including the pizza crusts. A bit dear, I thought, but I really wanted pizza so I went for it and bought the box with the 2 crusts in it for $9.99. I also found some gluten-free pepperoni and I had some mozzarella so I whipped up a little pizza sauce using some fire roasted garlic seasoned crushed tomatoes and some Italian herbs, threw on the cheese and the pepperoni and popped it in the oven. (Right on the rack. I always cook my pizza that way. I like crunchy crust.)

It came out very nice indeed. First Schar Pizza, Verdict YUM! Bonus, I was so stuffed at 1/2 a little pizza I couldn't finish it, so I actually am going to get 4 meals out of those two crusts which makes it not such a bad deal after all!

I got the rolls, 2 different breads, bread sticks, and the pizza crusts to try. I figure that will get me through the next 2-3 weeks and I also ordered a sample case of Chebe to try. In all honestly I was getting a bit tired of having to mix and bake only to have things taste awful anyhow so I thought I'd try some pre-made things they had.

It is more expensive, and I don't think I'll be eating the Schar on a regular basis if the Chebe works and I like it. But it's nice to know I can stick a few things in the freezer just in case I don't feel like messing with a box mix and the time involved.

I hope the rest of this stuff is as good as the pizza crust is. If so, I won't feel too guilty about the major $$$ I just spent on this batch of gluten-free items.

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