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I had some positive blood work, I believe positive IgG and IgA, but negative tTG. Haven't had symptoms for very long, had other health problems that lead me to do testing. Had a negative scope.

Would you reccomend the whole Gluten and Celiac Panel or just the genetic gene test?? If I know I am making some antibodies, would this tell me more??


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I am hardly the expert on Enterolab, but genetic testing can neither diagnose nor rule out celiac disease. It does offer some insight into the probablity, but nothing more.

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Docotrs do ue the gene test if the other tests are inconclusive, and we have seen here that some did get the diagnosis after the gene test showed DQ2 or 8.

But you first have to have some health problems related to celiac...

It is known that the ttg-test does not catch all celiacs, and they know that it only catches about 80% of those with total villous atropy, and even less with patchy celiac.

So a negative ttg-test does not mean anything, and the positive other tests are interesting.

Now other conditions can cause false positive test, therefore the gene test.

If you google ford gluten, there is an explanation about what a positive antigliadin IgG test means, and why one must go gluten free. Interesting.

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