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Hello All ...New Here !

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Just thought I would say hello.. !

I have been off gluten for about 2 months... and... it really sucks... but my symptoms have gotten better. I was constintly taking immodium etc all the time due to chronic diareah. My nephew went off gluten and was explaining it to me and so I thought I would give it a try. I have had a colonoscapy and been told for years it's just IBS ... but after a while it just kept getting worse. I am feeling better, and only have had to take some immodium a few times in the last cple of months which is great. I don't have insurance (company doesn't offer it) so my doc says before he does any tests he recommended I get insurance because it would be costly. But said that if staying off gluten was working, then to keep off it and see how I do.

Still trying to manage it... trying to not go to fast food joints now... :( ... and I am divorced, so being single and having this problem kinda sucks... not sure if there are man woman out there that would understand that i can't eat all the stuff most people can. Even having a beer or something along those lines I can't do....

well.. sorry for the long post.. hope to talk to some of you sometime !


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Hi back to you. Just wanted to welcome you to this forum and let you know you are not alone.

I sympathize with you. At times I feel this really sucks and other times think I can handle it. Guess it all depends on how much sleep I get.

If staying off gluten helps, forget the tests.

As far as social situations go, they aren't too easy for me. I am married to a gluten eater. It is not easy and often I eat alone just to not have to watch my spouse eat whatever he wants. I go out to eat with friends occasionally and always eat before I go. I go for the socializing but it is awkward.

Two positives are that I joined some fitness classes and have a few friends that I walk with. It was good to finally find some activities that don't involve food.

Hang in there and hopefully things will get easier and better for you.

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