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Vip Frozen Potatoes

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Today I had some frozen french fries with the label of VIP. The ingredients looked fine. Their website just addresses that allergens will be stated in the ingredients. I left a message with them but no return call yet. I just want to make sure there's no CC. I ate some today and feel yucky. Could just be from it being "junky" type of food. Googling didn't help either. Anyone know anything about this brand? Not sure if it's regional or not. Thanks!

Wife to very supportive husband/Mom to 4 wonderful kids, ages 3 to 17

Enterolab: elevated antigliadin = gluten sensitivity; gene test = double DQB1 linked to gluten sensitivity

Family history:

maternal grandmother - life-threatening food allergies

mother - severe rheumatoid arthritis

cousin - type 1 diabetes

father & sister - peripheral neuropathy

son 1 - asthma, eczema; positive Enterolab 3/26/10

son - life-threatening food allergies

All this has led me to be gluten-free as of 2/1/2010.

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