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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Gluten-Free In Cabo San Lucas

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Today, as I type this I am sitting on my balcony in Cabo San Lucas the the Playa Grande resort and I have been here since 5/2/11. This is my second time in Cabo but the first time on a gluten-free diet. I hate to say it, but I do not want to come back to Mexico because there is gluten in many things, the food labels are in spanish, and even with a typed note, written by someone from Mexico, no one working in the food or service industry seems to understand me. Many of the traditional Mexican foods such as corn tortillas and corn chips have become very Americanized since I was last here and by this, I mean that they contain flour.

The Playa Grande Resort at least has full kitchens in the rooms and the concierge typed up a note for me; however, the corn chips they serve at this resort either have wheat in them or were produced in a manner that allowed for significant contamination. I have had to go to the store to get food to cook in my room and when I order chips and salsa from their kitchen while at the pool, I tell them no chips and I use my own.

There is also no gluten free beer at the bars in Cabo.

I ate at Los Deseos Restaurant Bar at Marina Cabo Muelle "A" (on the marina) and I actually went back a second night because they were able to accomodate me. This restaurant is elegant with metal lanterns and gorgeous decor. The three cheese and tequila fondue served with corn torillas was gluten free but beware that eating this amount of cheese will have you belching severely and you will be worried the rest of the night that you got gluten. The butterfly shrimp entree was also gluten free as was a traditional style carne (beef) dish that my husband had. I also had a mojito and a green iguana, both gluten-free. You may be tempted to get the fruit salad on the menu (someone eating with us had this and it looked excellent), but I wouldn't because it has a touch of curry in it.

I also was on a sunset cruise this evening but I do not remember the name of the outfit. They served the food buffet style and everything was gluten-free except the flour tortillas, which, one of the staff threw on my plate full of food. Of course this meant I had to start all over.

I should also ad that I flew down here with US Air and there is basically nothing gluten-free that they can serve you on that plane when it comes to the meal and the snacks. Even the potatoe chips they have have maltodextrin in them.

In summary, beware that some people in Mexico do not think wheat (trigo) when you say the word flour (harina)in Spanish. You will not be safe if you tell people "No harina" or "No trigo" only. Practice saying "Yo como celiaca." If you are going to Mexico, type this up and take it with you to hand to any wait staff and insist that it is shown to someone in the kitchen:

"Por favor tener en cuenta que soy celiaca esto significa que no puedo comer nada que contenga gluten. No puedo comer nada que contenga harina, trigo, avena, cebada y centeno. Muchas gracias!!!

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Last evening I had dinner at the Hacienda Cochina (haciendacocina.com)for a wedding. The food was excellent and so were the unusual mixed cocktails. No gluten! I did not have the wedding cake or the Mexican donuts (churros)as both were made with gluten.

To add to my earlier post, the Playa Grande Resort does have a sushi bar but the soy sauce they use has wheat as the second ingredient.

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I am planning my honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas for this Summer. Has anyone had any luck at a resort? I am terrified of being sick on my honeymoon!

Thanks for any advice!

I went to Cabo with my Fiancee this january for a week. I have to say I am not scared about eating out, being gluten free for about 8 years now I have gotten very used to it. So I had a wonderful time in cabo, and ate out a lot! I was dissapointed when i could not eat fish tacos in places, due to flour in things, but always ask and when in dought dont eat it. That being said we ate at a lot of places.

You must go to "Maro's shrimp house" Its sort of a hole in the wall, but amazing food. The seafood and fish was being carried in as we ordered, so fresh. The soup is fine to eat, and get the maro special! Fish & Lobster, they can even do the "bull-dog" drink with out the beer and it is even still amazing! any taxi cab can take you there.

We stayed at the Me by Melia cabo, we did not eat at the hotel much for dinner, but for breakfast I was very happy!! so clearly worth staying at. Also ignore the trip advisor reviews of the place it was quite and nice, very relaxing.

Let me know if you have more questions, since I ate my way though cabo.


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