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Fajitas At Mexian Restuarant

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Made a thread about this a while back that didn't get much of a response.

skip to the bottom for main questions

Sometimes I will get chicken fajitas at authentic mexican restaurants. I get them with no wraps of course(although I have tried them with corn tortillas before, which doesn't taste good and you can't be sure if the restaurant's corn tortillas are gluten-free, or can you??). All that aside I just get them with no tortillas and no seasoning and eat it with a fork. The cool thing about fajitas is you get them on a skillet so that may cut down on cross contamination. Sometimes I eat beans and rice with it, can beans or rice ever have gluten?

so my main questions are

can the cooking oil they use have gluten?

can beans and rice have gluten?

other than that everything is chicken and vegetables. I personally haven't had too much trouble with it, nothing really noticable, so I'm still wondering if it could be bad for me at all.

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I eat fajitas and corn tortillas at Mexican restaurants, and many other things too. I just think Mexican cooking is less likely to use wheat in general, so I don't worry about it.

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Short answer: Yes, you can be glutened. However, absolutely plain beans, rice, or cooking oil don't have gluten (to my knowledge).


- just like the rice mentioned, the beans may be cooked in broth, which could have gluten

- You may ask for no seasoning, but the chicken or the beans may come 'pre-seasoned' with something that contains gluten. The chicken may also be marinated or brined before the restaurant gets it - more likely in a bigger chain, I believe - and you'd need to find out what they used for that. One place I knew, for example, used soy sauce in the marinade on their chicken.

- and it's very easy to get glutened by the pan unless you requested a just cleaned pan AND spatula, utensil to be used.

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Hi All:

I made some mexican for lunch yesterday and I've had the same for lunch today.

I made some lean ground beef with onions and garlic and some green habanero chilis, and tabaso sauce.

I had all the fixings too, including some guacamole which I made.

Yesterday I used a corn tortilla.

Today I used a food for life brown rice tortilla, which I really prefer.

But I have to ask, and I do read labels, sour cream has gluten in it?

Because I don't see anything but:

cultured and pasteurized milk and cream and enzymes.

I rarely ever eat mexican out but I am pretty sure that most of the big places use flour tortillas though you could get a 100% corn tortilla at a smaller family-owned place?


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