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Hello From Maine!

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I've been gluten-free for a few months now. I'm just getting to the point where I'm getting kind of sick of telling everyone exactly what celiac disease is, so I thought I'd join a forum where I don't have to explain myself to everyone!

I had given up meat just a few months before the diagnosis. I have always been an on again off again vegetairan, but this time I've stuck with it. Not only for moral reasons, but because I had honestly thought it was making me sick. I felt better about the choice I had made, but physically, I was still sick. So I threw in the towel and called my Dr. He got me in for a SDV and lectured me on how harsh digestive problems can be for the body. He did some blood work and wanted me to call the gastro dr. So I got home and called. Later that week I went to see the GI. He had my lab results, that I would've gotten sooner, had my husband given me the message that my Dr called.

So here I am now. I have to tell you that I feel great. As someone who has been struggling with acne since the age of 13 (i'm now 23), its amazing to see how fast my skin cleared up. I've been told that the gluten was probably always a toxin to my body, it just didn't know how else to tell me (I like that fairy tale version, don't ruin it!). People who have known me for a while stop me and ask me whats different. It's both embarassing and great to say "well my skin has cleared up to the point where I can wear make up". In fact, I just had a follow up with the dermatologist. We were going to discuss starting me on accutane, but guess what! I don't have to start it anymore! :)

I miss nothing, really. If anything, I miss meat more than I do gluten. So anyway, I look forward to having intelligent, helpful conversations with people on this forum.

Scratch that, I miss sour cream. I can't find any that don't make me sick!

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Welcome! I love it here. You can find an answer to ANY question you ever had!!

My daughter was a vegetarian for many years... not for moral reasons... just because she didn't like meat. When she was diagnosed with celiac, she went back to meat cause she was afraid she wasn't getting the protein she needed. She was surprised to find how much she liked it and missed it!

Does dairy bother you too? Cause there are sour creams on the market that are gluten free.

Again... welcome!!

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I have been gluten free for like 8 months, and is weird sometimes, but friends tell me that I look prettier than before. This is the good part about this, you feel and look better, the bad part for me is the mental fog, but not everyone has it and I think I learned to live with it. I don't miss a thing (just cheese, and ice cream a bit, cause I'm lactose free too) but I don't miss any gluten at all. I feel very happy about you, and believe me, you will find very good advice here :)

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