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Store Product Placement Causing Cc?

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Just got home from our local Whole Foods. I'm soooo paranoid about cross contamination right now because I keep getting glutened after 4 months of strict gluten-free and I don't know where it's coming from.

What struck me at the store was the presentation of their gluten free products, specifically the flours. The gluten-free varieties are all mixed in with the gluten flours, side-by-side, or worse yet, gluten on the shelves ABOVE the gluten-free. I'm thinking if one of the bags of gluten flours had a hole in it, it would be leaking poison all over our gluten free products. Does this bother anyone? Have you ever been glutened by a store?

I guess the "duh" answer would be to wash everything when you get home. But wouldn't you think they'd be more careful and create a "gluten-safe zone" in the store?

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