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New Orleans Help Needed, Quick! Gluten-Free Dining.

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Hi, Everyone:

Yipes, help needed please!

I'm leaving on Sunday for a two-night business trip to New Orleans, French Quarter.

I've never been to New Orleans prior to now, and I need some quick suggestions for WONDERFUL, gluten-free food. Because I am super-sensitive, I am particularly interesting in dining at restaurants where they really get it when it comes to NO cross-contamination.

Any help appreciated.

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We were in New Orleans for a week in June and it was one of our more difficult trips for eating. We did find a few places:

Bubba Gumps 429 Decatur Street- I realize it's a chain and that is usually off limits for us when we travel but after being given blank stares at several restaurants, and being so hungry, we were thrilled when Bubba Gumps not only knew what we were talking about, they also had a gluten free menu! It was delicious and the service was great.

5 Fifty 5, Restaurant in New Orleans Marriott 555 Canal Street- We stayed here and called ahead to see if they could help us eat gluten free. The chef was amazing and so happy to help. They went out and got gluten-free pasta, pizza crust, and all sorts of stuff for breakfast. Even if you aren't staying here, I recommend a meal or two in the restaurant.

Napoleon House 500 Chartes- This restaurant is in a fantastic old historic building.

The prices were very reasonable (the most inexpensive meal we had) and the food was good. We had red beans and rice w/sausage and a salad. Luckily I had emailed ahead to find out what was gluten-free since the server didn't know when we go there. The manager said that the jambalaya is also gluten-free. They have odd hours so check ahead.

Bourbon St Oyster House 144 Bourbon St- Another historic stop. They were very knowledgeable about gluten but only had a few options. It was enough for us since we are seafood lovers and we had a great meal here.

Lucky Dog Stand- I know this is strange but the guy working the Lucky Dog Stand outside of St Louis Square knew about gluten! He changed his gloves and very carefully prepared a chili dog with no bun. I had emailed the company ahead of time and they sent me the ingredients to the hot dog and the chili. It was filling and delicious- and a bit of New Orleans culture.

Good luck!

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I just stumbled across some information that will help you. Go to:




They both deal with travel and keeping a gluten free life style. One of the sites even has translation cards so that you can give it to wait staff in other countries and don't have to worry.

Good Luck and I hope this helps you and others.


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I just went to New Orleans so I wanted to thank everyone on this blog for their input. I wanted to say that 5 fifty 5 (restaurant in the Marriott on 555 Canal)was a God send. I would recommend for anyone that goes to call a few days in advance to get the full benefit of this restaurant. They made gluten free bread so I could have a burger. Also, one chef whipped up an amazing gluten free pasta dish. They also gave me a gluten free goody bag with gluten free cereal bars, gluten free cereal,etc. They also made pastries while I was there and the chef always came out and talked with me when I dined in the restaurant (I really like this). I believe Robert Mitchell is the Manager and he even followed up with me after my trip to see how they could improve their service!! I also had two different chefs, Joey and Deanna that were wonderful!!

I also wanted to debunk one myth. The first day I attempted to get the red beans and rice recommended at Napolean House. The staff told me that the red beans and rice is not gluten free. They use swanson beef broth (and it is not Natural Goodness, the gluten free beef broth). They also use spices blended in house that are not likely gluten free. I did end up getting an avocado stuffed with shrimp in a spicy tangy sauce. The staff said that this dish along with the salads were the safest bet while dining a Napolean. I would ask for Maria if you go to this restaurant. She helped me make a dining selection. Her daughter is gluten intolerant so Maria seems to understand the diet better than most.

I also dined at Emerils and Muriels. Both restaurants were willing to accommodate the diet. The chef at Emerils seemed to be able to make most dishes so that they are gluten free. Muriels had a limited, set menu. They did have a great flourless chocolate cake.

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