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David in Seattle

Anyone Know A Good Crohn'S Ibd/Colitis Forum?

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I've had intestinal symptoms which I've posted about on this site 1st here and 2nd here. I was hoping against hope it was Celiac, since that's at least something you can DO something about, but I went to my 3rd GI doc this past week, and he initially at least is leaning towards an Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Has me on Pentasa at the moment, too soon to tell if it does anything but give me headaches & ringing in the ears (typical salicylate, a previous doc had me taking heroic doses of Pepto Bismol with the same effects). So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good IBD/Chron's/Colitis forums? I'm still staying off gluten, but I have to at least pursue this other, more frightening course, as well.



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this is a fantastic forum board mostly for microscopic colitis but other forms are discussed with very caring and helpful people and doctors. More than the majority are on a either a gluten free/dairy and soy free or a combo of the three diet and find it very helpful in reducing their symptoms.


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