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Taking Bets!

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Hi everyone-

I am new here. We are waiting for Enterolab results for my 3.5 year old son, but I thought it might help me pass the time if I got people to weigh in on whether or not the Enterolabs test will come back indicating a gluten issue or not.

Here are his symptoms:

26 pounds, 34 inches, at 3.5 years old (that's 1st percentile, barely, for weight, and 3rd percentile for height. He's been on a trajectory since birth, but it steadily loses ground on the charts.)

Diagnosed with a severe dairy allergy at 3 months old.

"Spitty" baby- would regularly spit up after every feed; multiple outfits a day for both of us until he was about 1 year old.

Skin test at 11 months revealed tree nuts and egg whites also a problem; wheat was not.

Exposure to shellfish at 18 months resulted in reaction.

Miserable appetite, but loves lots of foods. (will eat 1 bite of just about anything, then says he is not hungry.)

Eczematic and asthmatic, occasionally reacts to foods that have never bothered him before.

Has always had identifiable food in his stools and the toilet always breaks them up instantly.

Began having bright red blood upon wiping a bowel movement around 2 years old. Has never in his life been constipated, and the blood usually appears after the looser stools anyway.

Blood test for ttg was negative at about 2.5 years old. Nonetheless, we went off gluten for a time (6 months) and saw some improvement (and he began to be able to eat egg white again!) But no increase in weight or appetite. Rectal bleeding still happened on occassion. However, we were not a "celiac" household. DH still ate bread and cooked with flour in shared cookware. DS is still breastfed on occassion, and I occasionally slipped up and had some gluten. So it hasn't been perfect.

We decided to go back on gluten in a big way about two weeks ago to see what happened. The blood has increased in frequency and in amount and he has had many pee accidents in spite of being mostly done with potty learning. The blood has me very scared. It is not subtle, but often drips down his cheeks. It happens more often than not now.

We send in the enterolab test (without the gene test) this week, and then begin the long wait. I am sending it in with hopes that a positive test will help me make the changes necessary to become a truly gluten-free house and scrub everything down and buy new pots, etc.

I'm just biding my time, and this is my first time here. I guess the bleeding has me really motivated. But I am also just worried about how to get this house completely free of gluten.

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Good Luck! I really think he should be g.f. even if the tests are -. ;) Doctors are often wrong. ESPECIALLY in the US.

Went gluten free as of the summer of 2009

I have also now declared doctors as not really very smart

(No offense to all the good ones)

Gluten is sneaky and not to be trusted...

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