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Cross Contamination At Home?

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So are there different levels of intolerance?

How strict do I need to be? i was told I have gluten sensitivity by enterolab. My number was 113, I was told 1-10 is normal.

I know my DS has the same issues. DH eats anything but will eat gluten-free if that is what I cook. (mostly now!)

So how strict do we need to be with utensils? Our dishwasher is broken right now so washing everything by hand.

I was just wondering if people have had issues with these things being used by gluten-free and non-gluten-free eaters after each washing, of course.

What about:

Plastic containers?

Plastic cutting boards


pizza cutters


baking stones (pampered chef)

baking sheets or racks (stainless steel)


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Be careful with all you mentioned plus, any plastics, toaster, hand mixer, scratched pots & pans, teflon ..wood cutting boards.

no one can say how careful one needs to be. We all DO NOT react in the same way .... it will depend how sensitive each person is or will be! I find I'm more senesitive as times goes on where as others become less sensitive.

Since you both will be gluten-free why not just make your kitchen gluten-free from the get go that way later down the road you will not have to search for clues if one of you is having a reaction. Life will be simplier....

Truly it doesn't matter if you are celiac or gluten intolerant--- the outcome remains the same ...... gluten free for life.



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