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Chebe Clone Recipe?

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I finally found of tapioca flour locally and I am trying to figure out how to make Chebe style dough from scratch. I want to be able to make bread sticks, turnovers and and pizza crust that I can then season as I want. I love the Chebe mixes, they're very convenient of course, but I'd like to experiment a bit with tapioca flour dough and see what I can come up with.

Most of the recipes I can find for Chebe type bread online though seem to start by boiling half the ingredients to start and ending up with a much looser dough than I'd want. Not what I've been doing with the Chebe mixes at all.

Does anyone know if tapioca flour can be used straight in the same amounts as regular flour and/or if it needs yeast, baking soda, xanthan gum, baking powder etc? None of the Brazilian bread recipes I have been seeing seem to indicate using any of these, but the Chebe breads mixes so far are definitely drier and far more like a play dough than something barely cohesive that you just drop loosely onto a cookie sheet and I figure maybe there has to be xanthan gum in there at the very least.

So far I'm guessing it's usually oil or butter, tapioca four, xanthan gum in some quantity, eggs, milk, salt and seasonings and cheese if desired.

FYI, I usually do mix in some dried Parmesan which is why I probably end up with a dryer dough, and have to add in more milk than the package says to get it to the texture I like, but I have no idea of how tapioca flour and xanthan gum I'd start with to make a basic bowl of dough. Can the tapioca flour be used solo? Would the xanthan gum be the glue that holds it together?

Anyone played with this kind of dough?

I've finally got the flour and the xanthan gum, other stuff I might need etc, I'm just wondering where to go from here.


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I personally do not like the chebe mixes. I do make a recipe I got off the internet and yes I do boil the milk and oil. After which I pour into the tapicoa flour and mix well. It should have the consistency of play doh. Let it rest 15 min and mix in cheese, eggs, and salt. If your dough is too soft keep adding more tapioca flour until you can form it without it spreading. I think the taste is so much better. Here is a link to the recipe:


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Thanks! Those look like they might work. I love the consistency of the Chebe, but the spicing on the pizza and the bread sticks is a bit hard on the stomach apparently. (Onions and garlic can be tough for me to process sometimes.) The regular mix seemed to work better, but if I am just going to go from a straight mix all the time I think I'd much rather try making it from scratch. Chebe mix is close to $5 a package here and I can get a lot more flour for far less here.

So far it looks like a cup of tapioca flour equals one of the regular wheat, at least according to this page on the net I found last night. I'll start from there, try to make a similar sized small batch with similar ingredients to the Chebe start. I'm going to buy a large bag. It's not that badly priced at the Latin store so I guess I can buy one and experiment a bit till I get it right.

They have tapioca flour straight $6 for like 5lb bag from what I saw. Sure beats paying $5 a mix. I'm eating 2-3 a week, and that's a lot when you add it up really. If I can make my own for half that I'm going for it.

I'll let you all know when I get it right, grin.

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