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Anyone Else With This Issue Prior To Biopsy Diagnosis?

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Son is having extreme fatigue - so I watched him to see if he was going through a growth spurt as he will be 13 in July. :o so I took him in and he has borderline hypertension so we carted off to the cardiologist again to make sure that his heart was okay (was under his care before) and he did the exercise test and he is a-okay on that B) (he actually is considered an "elite" athlete for his scores on the exercise part - wow)

then we had more labs and he rang a bit low on Vit D. His IgG and I believe IgA came in lower scale so that shows maybe immune issues. So we went to the infectious disease doctor who did the celiac blood test and found that his antibiodies were elevated significantly for celiac.

Also, on his basic allergy blood panel, it shows an allergy to wheat and grass.

All those combined, wouldn't it be pretty straight forward that we are most likely dealing with celiac? or am I waaaaaaaaaaaay off base?

His GI appt is in a few weeks.


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Sounds like you re heading in the right direction with your doctors. I wouldn't wish this diagnosis on anyone...except for someone who actually has the disease. That way they can be treated properly by following the gluten-free lifestyle and thereby get healthier. Best of luck with this and hope you get some good answers.


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