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Undiagnosed - Neuro Degeneration Symptoms

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My mother was tested for celiac disease and the test came back negative, but I still think she could still be adversely affected by gluten. She is 50 years old and has been active her whole life until she started with the problems that she has now. She has been ruled out for many, many illnesses with these symptoms and has had extensive MRI's and the like. I will make a list of how things started 4 years ago:

Entire life she has had constipation.

Four years ago a hysterectomy for excessive menstrual bleeding.

Symptoms of vertigo, without conclusive diagnosis.

Then, she goes from being dizzy to just imbalanced. Today, she is almost totally paralyzed on her left side and right side is not much better. Cannot stand without holding on to something, or she falls. Muscle weakness. Sinus issues. EXTREMELY low vitamin D levels (forget the exact number, but she was taking 50,000 I.U. every TWO days). She has severely impaired cognitive function. Short term memory loss. Almost unable to form complete sentences without totally butchering or omitting words. Severe ridges on nails. She has lost 20 pounds in the past 6 months despite eating a lot and very, very limited physical exercise. She does go to the gym 3 times a week for a couple of hours a day, but this is not improving her condition.

Her diet is very processed and very unhealthy and she eats a ton of wheat products. Probably 80-90 percent. Also, if she wants a dessert (cookie, brownie, ice cream) it is like a drug addict wanting a fix. She has red face and oily skin. Brittle hair.

She has had B12 levels checked and they were "normal" in the results.

If anyone has thoughts or opinions, I would like to hear. I am desperately searching for supporting information to present to her and others. Most everyone (family-friends) thinks I am a nut to ask her to even cut this (gluten) out and I think it could be the key to her getting well.

On another side note, since this stuff (at least I have read) tends to run in families (the gluten sensitivity)...I cannot eat wheat products and not have digestive issues afterward and also feelings of fatigue. My one year old daughter, who is breastfed, reacts adversely when I eat wheat. She will get eczema, and recently, little blisters all over her arms and extreme scratching. My three year old daughter will get eczema, and when she was younger, extreme constipation when eating any wheat/gluten.

Thank you,


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