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Rachel W

Hello From Tn

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Hi everybody ! My name is Rachel, I grew up in FL now living in TN. Here is my story.

A sick child from birth and a family history of "weak" stomachs my parents never really thought anything of my ability to vomit across the room at a young age lol. Constant stomach issues were treated by saltine crackers sprite and never eating during any get together or car trip instead of risking the chance of getting sick.

After a mission trip to Montana at 8 yrs old I contracted the parasite Giardia from swimming and unintentionally drinking the river water, after FINALLY being diagnosed with that after loosing 17 pounds in 1 week my stomach still was getting worse and worse till finally at age 11 I was taken back to the Doctor, who suggested trying Gluten Free for a few weeks, well I remember my parents not allowing me to eat bread for 1 week but still eating cereal and crackers, so my problems were once again called "weak " stomach and treated by just not eating unless I was home to where a bathroom was close, even missed the majority of my senior Highschool year, horse shows and work because of it.

I moved to TN at the age of 19 on my own, still sickly, had a serious horse injury at 20yrs old, fractured tibia, torn LCL, dislodged lumbar vertebra and whiplash- in which the various meds never worked(duhhh I didnt absorb squat,) went through Paramedic school, still sickly, got married, still sickly and Finally after being so weak from not eating anything but peanut butter crackers I fell on a patient while trying to raise the stretcher because I gave out i had NO strength. I went to the Doc who because of a family history of Cancer, Crohns, Diverticulitis and IBD , scoped me and gave me a "Well looks ok...try less fatty foods and Activia yogurt"...Finally after concern from a loved one I went back a yr later, blood was drawn and can back as a RESOUNDING Duhhhh positive for Celiacs , so here I am, almost 24, been affected my whole life. I believe God is Good but reallly did a god job at teaching me patience lol... So I know that was long sorry - but where do I go from here, already feel LOADS better from eating Gluten Free but still some discomfort but I am sure my guts are fried and stomach is the size of a pen cap lol THANK you for listening and advice !

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