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Celiac Is Everywhere

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I can't believe all the people I have been running in to no that I have a firm diagnosis. I have met a few people in the salon I work at. Yesterday I ran into a lady at Christmas tree shop. I was talking with my son about the bobs red mills GLUTEN FREE stuff that I found in there that was much less $$$$ then my local health or grocery stores. This women came over to look as she heard me utter the words gluten free. She had been diagnosed in september with GI symptoms and her sister a few weeks ago with no GI symptoms and a skin rash. I felt bad her 7 year old son has tree nut and egg allergies what a pain. I thought it stunk trying to deal with the gluten wow that stinks more...I don't usually exchange email with strangers but I did with her. Come to find out we have a local support group in our area that meets once a month.

Today is my 1 month gluten free...........I thought I would be a crazy loon by now but I am doing okay. I am finding more things I can eat and getting excited about them. I do miss my chinese favorites I may just need to get more creative and make my own or beg them to use my soy sauce

oh yeah the support group is in Portsmouth, NH if that helps anyone....

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If doctors can get it together, there will be millions and millions of us. I'm certain that many if not most of the people who have IBS, GERD, Colitis, Crohn's, etc. etc. have either celiac or other food intolerances.

My MIL is an allergist and she said she thinks lots of people have them, but testing is inaccurate and it's very hard to get patients to comply with elimination diets and dietary changes.

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