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So I got the results of my latest labs, and I'm kinda thrown off by them. I'm still getting the typical GI symptoms (not as bad as before I went gluten free) but I also am getting symptoms like numb weak legs, fatigue, shortness of breath.......I thought those symptoms for sure were due to vitamin deficiency but my labs came out normal.

Calcium 9.3 ref rang 8.8-10.5

Magnesium 2.2 ref rang 1.7-2.5

Iron,Total 112 ref rang 65-175

Total Iron Binding capacity 389 ref range 250-400

Percent Saturation 29 ref range 11-46

Vitamin b12 491 ref range 200-900

Folate >24 ref range 5.4-24 (I don't understand this one, why does it say >24 and not the actual number?)

25-hydroxy d2 <4

25-hydroxy d3 23

25-hydroxy d total 23 ref rang 25-80 (so I'm mildly deficient in vit D)

I guess my question is, why the strange symptoms without the deficiency? Also why would my folate level be high? My doctor didn't order the typical fat soluble vitamin levels but I figured some of these would be off. I can't stop thinking that my Celiac diagnosis is secondary to something more serious.......even though I've had every test under the sun and all they found was Celiac.

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From what I have learned here, the body will rob B12 from your bones, organs, etc. in order to keep the blood level up. When my B12 was in the low 400's, I had terrible neuropathy. Once I got it up into the 800's., the tinglies went away. I've read similar things about magnesium, and that a deficiency won't necessarily show up in the blood. Sublingual B12 at high doses (8000mcg for me) daily will help, I would think.

I, too had a mild D deficiency, and osteoporosis that was getting worse each year (osteo dx at age 32!). Further testing indicated metabolic bone disease, due to vitamin deficiencies. I started Caltrate +D twic a day, and 50,000 IU 3x weekly for 3 months. Just got my labs back, and I am normal in everything. Now on 2000IU Vit D daily.

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