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Blessing Be Here

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Hello Forum Members,

Peace be with u all.

Being here in this forum has been a blessing. I needed to learn some things very quickly, and also find out different things about what we are needing to do, that we didn't know before and it has been a blessing also reaching out to others and offering help and support. I have learnt very quickly about the gfdiet, and am looking forward to when our eating improves and being able to prepare different meals, am looking forward to trying out a couple of gluten-free books etc...their recipes. I am getting excited about the gluten-free diet/lifestyle, because it means healing for us and it means that I can eat more than I can now. And we really know now what we need to do, and my son is now preparing because of the huge change we now just need to get off our backsides and have the time to do. We now have answers, and we are in a place and space that feels like a blessing and believe we can get through this, even the gloopy mucus on the back of the throat and the constriction at the voice box. And we also have something that my son can do for his fibromyalgia beside pain management along with our sensory processing disorder and everything else etc.... And now we have some things we can do, where before we didn't have anything but just had to put up with it. We are about to have our allergy testing and having them draw up an eating plan for us, to help us identify what I can possibly eat and also as a family. And we need to do this, instead of the elimination way because of our throat swelling problems such as anaphylaxis and the dysphagia which can be dangerous and it also doesn't make u want to try and see if u can eat things to see if u get a reaction. Its been a very difficult couple of months.

I wanted to say thanku for the people that also made it easy to be here, the absence of problems as a lot of other support forums have. Thanku for the support and compassion I received when I was going through our awful moments, including the throat constriction caused by soap and shampoo and people wanting to help us work it out etc...people can get through a lot of things, as long as they really have the support. If we could hug everyone of u, we would.

Even though we have had the awful, we have a lot of good things happening in our lives as well to balance it all that. And we would like to be able to buy the house we are living in, so we can then change the kitchen etc...and create our cute little cafe style country type kitchen that we can create some yummy family meals.

Peace 4 1

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