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Cupcake Caterpillar Birthday Cake

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We made a cupcake caterpillar birthday cake. We used one large cupcake as the head and then used smaller cupcakes to make the body. We decorated the cupcakes with dairy free butter icing and natural food colouring from Hullaballoo food www.hullabaloofood.com and natural colour sprinkles. We also used colourful pipecleaners cut in half for legs and made two antennae with yellow pompoms on the end, we made a mini pipecleaner with a pompom on as a tail. For eyes, we bought some toy eyes at Lincraft. We used the pipecleaners to make a smile as well. The kids loved the cake. Each child got two mini cupcakes. The cake was a great success. I hope this idea could possibly help someone else.

The cake had to be free from dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives and all commercial food colourants.

The only food colours we could use were from natural plant extracts. The Hullabaloo food colours worked well. The colours weren

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