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Jeremy Violette

gluten-free For 7 Days

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but who is counting. :)

I am experiencing anxiety intermittently. Heavy breathing, heart racing panicky. This morning I had Enviro Kidz Kola Crisp and Milk. Gluten free. But i shortly there after had a mild panic attack. never really had panic attacks before....did i get glutened.....is this normal at first....its scaring the hell out of me.

Ive never had milk issues before either

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I'm wondering if those are symptoms of allergy for you. Have you been tested recently? If not it might be a good idea. Even if it was a year ago, it would be good to re-test as things can change. Find an allergist who tests for more than just the top 10 allergenic foods.

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Hi Jeremy,

Gluten can cause withdrawal symptoms in people, like coming off a drug. There isn't any rule book on what those symptoms can be, so panic could be one of them. Depression is another. Cravings too for that matter. If it is withdrawal symptoms they should pass in a few weeks if you stay strictly gluten-free.

If you are new to gluten-free you should really avoid any processed foods, including processed gluten-free foods for a while until you learn how to eat without them. That way you remove a whole pile of chemicals, food colorings, and preservatives from your diet. That gives your system a chance to clean itself out and heal faster too. Plus you don't have to spend all your time at the grocery reading labels. Learning to cook all your meals from scratch at home is the way to go. And get some portable lunch boxes to take your food with you when out and about.

Personally I am about at the point of not eating any Envirokidz products anymore because of the soy. They have shared facilities with soy products and that seems to be enough to make me sick. Some of their cereals actually have soy as an ingredient.

Not all celiacs have problems with soy, but many of us have additional food intolerances beyond just gluten. And soy is just plain bad for you anyhow.

I can tell you that going gluten-free gets easier as time passes and you learn new food eating habits. So, stick around, it's good to have you here! Welcome, welcome and happy day!

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