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irish daveyboy

St Patricks Day Dining

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All images and recipes courtesy of Bord Bia the Irish Food Board.

Bacon, Courgette and Cashel Blue Soup


A little olive oil

5-6 streaky rashers, chopped

1 onion or 2-3 shallots chopped

1-2 large courgettes, sliced

2-3 large potatoes, peeled and chopped

1 litre gluten-free vegetable stock

75g Cashel Blue cheese, or any Irish Blue, crumbled

125ml cream

Black pepper

2-3 Tbls. parsley, finely chopped


Sauté the bacon for a few minutes in a little oil.

Remove a few pieces of bacon for final garnish.

Add the onion, courgette (reserve some slices for final garnish), and potatoes.

Cover the pan and allow to cook until the vegetables are soft.

Stir in the gluten-free stock and simmer for 10 minutes.

Remove from the heat.

Process the soup.

Return to the saucepan.

Stir in the cheese and cream and just heat gently.

Add the reserved bacon pieces and courgette slices for final garnish.


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Traditional Bacon and Cabbage with Mustard Sauce


1.5 kg loin of bacon

1 carrot

2 celery sticks

2 leeks

1 tsp. peppercorns


1 Tbls gluten-free mustard

1 Tbls oven-dried gluten-free breadcrumbs

½ Tbls brown sugar

Knob of butter

Mustard Sauce:

50g butter

25g gluten-free plain flour

1 Tbls gluten-free. mustard

125ml cooking liquid (from the bacon)

125ml cream

1 kg cabbage, finely sliced


Place the joint in a large saucepan.

Add chopped vegetables and peppercorns.

Cover with cold water.

Bring to the boil, then simmer gently for approx. 20 minutes per ½ kg (1 lb).

Set oven to Gas Mark 6, 400ºF.

Remove the joint from the saucepan.

Reserve liquid.

Remove the rind and score the fat.

Place the joint on a roasting dish.

Spread with mustard and gluten-free breadcrumbs, sugar and a knob of butter.

Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

To Make the Sauce:

Melt the butter, add the gluten-free flour and gluten-free mustard.

Cook for a minute or two.

Whisk in the cooking liquid and cream.

Bring to the boil.

Reduce the heat and simmer for 3-4 minutes.

Taste for seasoning.

The sauce should have the consistency of thin cream.

Keep warm.

To Cook the Cabbage:

In another saucepan cook the cabbage lightly with some of the cooking liquid.

Drain well and toss in butter.

Season to taste.

Slice the bacon and serve on the bed of cabbage, a little of the mustard sauce and of course floury potatoes.


Apple and Jameson Tart


250g gluten-free shortcrust pastry

50g ground almonds

4 large Bramley apples, peeled and diced

2 Tbls. sugar

250ml cream

3 egg yolks

50g caster sugar

Dash of whiskey (Irish of course)


Set oven Gas Mark 6, 200°C (400°F).

Line four individual tart tins with the gluten-free pastry.

Sprinkle some ground almonds on the base of each one.

Then add the apple and enough sugar to sweeten.

Heat the cream.

Beat the egg yolks and sugar together.

Stir in the cream and a dash of whiskey.

Spoon a little of the cream mixture into each tart.

Keep remaining cream.

Bake tarts for 25-35 minutes.

Pour the remaining cream into a bowl.

Place over simmering water.

Stirring constantly, continue to cook until the custard thickens.

Set aside - keep warm

Serving Suggestions

Serve the tart, dusted with icing sugar, with the warm custard.

Vanilla ice-cream, thin gluten-free almond biscuit, raspberries etc. are optional


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Shamrock Cupcakes


200g caster sugar

200g soft butter

4 medium eggs

1tsp Irish cream liqueur (optional)

200g gluten-free self-raising flour


1 pack marzipan/almond paste + some green food colouring

1 tub gluten-free ready-made royal icing


2 x 12 cup muffin trays,

24 paper cases

Shamrock cutter (you may find it in a novelty bakery items shop)

Preheat the oven to 180ºC, fan 160ºC, gas mark 4.

Put the sugar and butter in an electric mixer and beat until pale and fluffy.

Beat the eggs lightly in a small bowl and add slowly to the mix, using medium speed. If the mixture starts to curdle, add a little of the gluten-free flour.

When the eggs and butter mixture is well combined, mix in the liqueur (if using) and the remaining gluten-free flour at slow speed.

Divide the mixture between the paper cases using two teaspoons or a piping bag with a wide nozzle.

Bake for 18-20 minutes or until the sponge is lightly golden and springs back when pressed

Leave to cool before icing.

To make shamrock decorations:

Add green food colouring to the marzipan/almond paste and combine

Roll out the green marzipan to about 3mm thickness using a little icing sugar to prevent sticking.

Cut out shamrock shapes and put to one side. (maybe available from novelty baking supplies)

Prepare the royal icing as on the pack and cover the cupcakes with a spoon or pallet knife

Place the green shamrock shapes on the icing before completely set.

Wait until fully set before serving.


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Chronically Ill and lost 56lbs in 3 Months Prior to Diagnosis.

Diagnosed in Nov 2005 after Biopsy and Blood Tests

Cannot tolerate Codex Wheat Starch.

Self Taught Baker.

Bake everything from scratch using naturally gluten-free ingredients.

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

So what is a loin of bacon? Is that like a pork loin in the US?

I will be making the Irish soda bread!

Many thanks it all looks delicious!

Rashers in the USA are cut from Cured Pork Bellies.(streaky Rashers)

Back Bacon is cut from Cured Pork Loin. (normally you get bacon chops from it)

Bacon Joints and rashers

Have a good St Patricks Day.

Best Regards,


Chronically Ill and lost 56lbs in 3 Months Prior to Diagnosis.

Diagnosed in Nov 2005 after Biopsy and Blood Tests

Cannot tolerate Codex Wheat Starch.

Self Taught Baker.

Bake everything from scratch using naturally gluten-free ingredients.

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