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Scott Adams

Encouraging New Celiac Disease Drug - Celiac.com

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It would be so nice to be able to eat out and not worry about getting glutend. But wouldn't this drug make us want to eat gluten all the time?

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Well, yes, ingesting small amounts of gluten all the time is not going to stop the auto immune reaction and all its side effects, including craving more gluten, <_< and maybe that is the point- creating a drug that has to be taken all the time.

Like you can't be just a little bit alcoholic.

Read the link, this drug is only reducing negative reactions from "50% to 15% in intestinal damage. " Well, it's not defining what the 15% means, because Celiac and gluten intolerance is not just intestinal damage but a complete auto immune reaction that damages many other systems in the body. That is just crazy to think that you can deliberately damage a person only 15% of the time and play eating poison roulette if only you take a pill, and keep a disease under control, when you can easily really control the disease just by eating properly- avoiding gluten. .

From the other link, it says this drug is being developed by a Univ of Alberta doctor who has done one of three trials. Yet the other article says "this drug has been proven in clinical trial (s) to greatly reduce the negative reactions.... "

that's bunk. One trial so far. Nothing "proven." And certainly the long term effects have not been studied.

If this pill is being falsely hyped and marketed to do what it doesn't, (we aren't "extremely limited" when it comes to eating, just limited at eating out in restaurants that have no idea what is really in their food, and don't care. And we are the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to food cross contamination issues in general, and we need MORE strict labeling and manufacturing in the United States and worldwide, not less !!! ) it is going to encourage people to damage themselves by being careless with what they eat.

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