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Wheat Intolerance, What Next?

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Hello everyone!

I'm new here and have a ton of questions regarding intolerances and possible celiacs in my daughter. I'd also love any information on testing that could/should be done for her.

Her background: Freya just turned a year old a few weeks ago. We started solid food at 6 months, before that she was breastfed. She had all the symptoms of dairy and soy intolerances, so those were cut from my diet and she stopped the puking, nasty diapers and rash completely. We introduced veggies and fruits first, and then the grains. She developed a pretty severe rash, mostly on her bottom and thighs that the pediatrician diagnosed as eczema. She also was gassy, had irregular bowel movements and had bouts of irritability. (She's normally a super happy and very easygoing baby) After keeping a food journal I decided it was wheat that was the culprit and eliminated it from her diet. The rash cleared up, and after eliminating all gluten the past couple weeks she's been almost free of gas and is having very regular bowel movements.

My questions: Do I need to have her tested for gluten intolerance, wheat intolerance, celiac disease? I'm not sure what I do from here. She had her blood drawn at her last appointment for a full allergy panel, and we should hear back next week. My mom was diagnosed wheat intolerant as a teen, but didn't go wheat-free or gluten-free. She has almost all of the symptoms on the possible Celiacs list, and just went gluten-free a couple weeks ago. Already a few of her symptoms are starting to clear up (bloating, psoriasis, GERD...)

I'd really appreciate any information regarding what I can do for Frey, and testing that should be done.

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Your daughter would have to be taking in gluten before being tested. Some people say for 2 weeks some say for a month. I dont really know what the answer is onthat. I just know that she cant be gluten free prior to testing. And its my understanding that celiac disease is an intolerance to gluten. so she would need a blood test with a celiac panel to test for celiac. If it comes out positive then she goes for an endoscopy which is a biopsy of the tummy and intestines (and also pictures of) and this would just be to confirm what the blood tests already said. Hope that this was of some help.:)

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