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Hair Loss And Drastically Thinning

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PLEASE HELP ME!!!! When my daughter turned 8 mnths we went to FL and I introduced food so her breastmilk intake went down ( I am asssuming). After 2 weeks, the entire consistency of my hair changed ( it seems like over night) and it looks as though half my hair is gone. I was loosing hairs here and there ( always had a strand hanging from my shirt, but it was like a lightbulb went off and I realized that something changed ( for the worse). I have literally gotten every test done and it was all normal. From all my thyroid numbers, to vitamine D...you name it. I have seen every kind of doctor and they are all saying that it is a mystery because everything looks fine...but the bottom line is that I am crying everyday and do not know what to do. I changed shampoos and am taking some fish oil suppliments, biosil, and Biotin, but I am begging my gluten-free family to help. I am totally gluten-free and have been for over a year. The problem is that I tend to eat the same things everyday ( although I eat very healthy). I know you loose hair after giving birth, but not after 1 year. I also have not gotten my period yet. SHould I try Rogain, Niotin, any suggestions...I really am so very depressed!!! THanks

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