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In feb. my son's blood tests came back positive for the antibodies indicating gluten sensitivity. Since then we have eleminated all the "obvious" sources of gluten from his diet.

However lately he seems to be getting worse as far as being nauseated and lossing his lunch. I know it may take some time for his system to heal but does anyone know of a way to at least take the edge off the nausea some?

I have tried giving him probiotics after I was told that they "might help" the nausea and they were benefitial but after taking them for a week it seems that he has gotten worse even though they are gluttne free. Do probiotics really help?

Has anyone tried any herbal methods to help soften the symptoms? I've thought of trying cloves in a tea form because cloves is supposed to help calm nausea but I thought that I better ask for some advise before I try.

Thanks for any advise.

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Well, definitely start by eliminating all of the "less obvious" sources of gluten. Check into which products he is using -- shampoo, soap, lotions, etc. to be sure they do not contain harmful ingredients (wheat germ oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, oats...). Hopefully the symptoms will be somewhat alleviated if you read all food labels clearly, have him wash his hands, and be mindful of non-food gluten sources.

I get extremely nauseated and chewing mint-flavored gum (I chew Extra sugar free -- it is gluten free) helps me a lot. Spangler peppermints are also gluten free and cheap (I know pregnant women who suck on these during bouts of morning sickness). I also keep a small vile of peppermint oil on hand, which you can buy at any drugstore. I add a small drop to water or tea if my stomach is upset or even just for a fresh flavor.

Also, I use a heating pad and prop myself on the couch with my head up and knees bent. This position sometimes helps as well.

Hope this helps and your son starts feeling better soon!!!

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