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Going To Korea In April For My Son's Wedding!

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My son is getting married in Daegu, Korea in April. We will then be traveling to Tokyo for a few days before heading back to the U.S.

I have already searched the archives for any useful information on what and how my daughter and I can eat while we are in Korea and Japan. I am hoping there is a little more current information someone could pass on to us now. Unfortunately, I cannot eat seafood or fish, so I think I will be limited somewhat to plain rice and plain veggies and fruit. We are bringing little packets of Gluten-free soy sauce and the usual snacks of crackers, cheese and peanut butter, etc. My son will have a new toaster ready for us for our bread when we get there.

I'm sure we won't "waste away" for the week we are in Asia, but I was hoping someone could tell us what western restaurants that might have some Gluten-free food on their menu that might be in the Seoul and Tokyo airports, as well as in Tokyo (I'm sure there's not too many western restaurants in Daegu!).

We will be landing in Seoul, finding our way to the railway station an hour away and then taking a bullet train to Daegu. Our little version of "Amazing Race" while trying to find food to eat on the way!

Thanks for any information you can pass on!


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