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Hydrolyzed Soy Protein / Vh Teriyaki Sauce In Canada

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I know we're to avoid hydrolyzed vegetable protein but I'm confused if it states "SOY". Does it mean avoid EVERYTHING with "hydrolyzed __ any vegetable source__ protein" or just avoid the ones that say only "hydrolyzed vegetable protein"??

Sorry, just learning so probably a dumb question :)

The VH Teriyaki sauce in Canada contains:

sugar, water, molasses, salt, glucose-fructose, caramel colour, hydrolyzed soy protein, corn syrup, vinegar, seasoning, artificial flavour, citric acid, wine flavour, sodium benzoate.

(I see we don't know the "vinegar" either)

Trying to make our first gluten-free supper for family coming over tonight. If the VH Teriyaki is unsafe is there ANY Teriyaki sauce that is safe??

Thanks for helping,

Kathy (who can't cook!), mom to Jakob, 10, Type 1 Mar2004, Celiac Mar 11, 2010 (gluten-free as of yesterday.....I think/hope!), also mom to princess Jadyn, 6 and wife to Rick (who can kind of cook!)

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Hydrolyzed plant/vegetable protein is safe, unless it comes from a gluten grain. Soy protein is gluten-free. When the source is unspecified, it is usually soy, but that is a situation to check on with some manufacturers.

Vinegar is gluten-free, except for malt vinegar which is always labeled as just that, "malt vinegar."

VH is a Con Agra brand. Con Agra will always clearly disclose the presence of a gluten grain by including the name of the grain in the ingredients list. If you don't see wheat, barley, rye or oats named, they are simply not there.

So, there you are. VH Teriyaki Sauce is gluten-free.

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