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Gluten Load 5 Year Old Before Blood Tests?

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I was diagnosed about 2 months ago. My 5 year old has symptoms and the ped is ordering a large panel of celiac blood work for him.

He has been lighter on his gluten since he eats much of the gluten free food I eat. However he does still eat gluten like on his bread or cookies or whatever.

The ped didn't think being "gluten light" would affect the test results but I'm wondering if it will. She said it's a lot of vials of blood and she doesn't want to keep repeating the test if we don't have to since he's already scared of getting shots every time we go to the doctor.

The trouble is... today he ate 3 gluten cookies and a burrito on a flour tortilla. Halfway through his burrito he was throwing up. :( So loading him up on gluten will not be fun.

He MUST have a firm diagnosis. He will NOT comply without it. He's 5 years old going on 15 and he really does not want celiac. Of course now that he's 5 I can force compliance but when he's older I know he won't comply if he feels that I self diagnosed him.

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When I did the test i was light on gluten for about 6 months-- but really loaded up before the test for 6 weeks-- BUT that was for the biopsy. Are you having a biopsy? I'm not sure how that works because hes so young. I'm sure youre aware that the blood test can be iffy as a sole source of diagnosis. Heres what I say: Gluten load him for 3 reasons, 1. if hes getting sick when he eats gluten and it makes him miserable then he will get it, and really want to be gluten free 2. You dont want to have a doubt in your mind, do everything you can to make sure its done right 3. this may be the last time for the rest of his life he can eat gluten, eat his favorite foods cause he'll never have them again. Good Luck!

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