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Scott Adams

Are Celiac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Related? - Celiac.com

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my dr 1st thought i had ceilac disease and tested me prior to me going gluten free. i have tons of allergies and since testing i have had a variety of tests. while all tests have found me to NOT have ceilac, i HAVE been found to 1) have an extreme wheat allergy, 2) an extreme yeast allergy, & 3) a (hereditary) hiatal hernia. between these 3 and stress i MAY also have 4) inflammatory or irritable bowel but by following a (mostly) gluten-free/CF and a SF diet most symptoms are gone.

because i knew i had a minor wheat allergy i had already only had it limited in my diet. for the testing i was told i only needed to have VERY SMALL amounts for the testing. because i had numerous tests done i had to deal w/ symptoms for a while.

yes, dealing w/ the symptoms sucked - especially the last 3 months w/ the worst of the IBS type symptoms, but once the testing was over and i had the hernia diagnosis i had my best course of action.

this last month i have finally been able to start living again and while i would hope to never need to go through any of it again, having a real answer is great.

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