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Cross Cultural Foods That You Find Help Even The Worst Digestion?

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I can have no grains, almost no starches, and have been avoiding the most sugary fruit for the past weeks until my inflammation goes down. Also no goitrogenic foods. So as you can see my digestion really BLOWS!! and it helps to find things that go down well. Looking how other cultures do it is very useful, because they often work with their food more than we do and actually alter the whole chemistry sometimes.

Even though grains cause me a lot of trouble, I saw that the Chinese/Japanese pound a certain rice into a paste called mochi that is not just a treat but something indicated for old hags and people in "weakened" conditions. All the starches are broken down into glucose from pounding or specialized machines. The other day I decided to try one (always needing carbs. Anything with too many always causes trouble) and it worked! It went down okay and didn't cause inflammation or anything.

Another thing that seems to be bringing my inflammation down some is Natto, which are disgusting rotten soybeans that taste like old people. But they are really healthy, and the rottenness helps make the soybeans tolerable in the GI while also deactivating the estrogen activity that is bad for men (need a source for this).

Most Asian things that are imported are poor quality though, and you really have to be careful what you're buying. So far this daifuku (mochi with paste inside) and a gluten free natto are all I've found:



Hopefully some good info comes in, because it's really hard to get enough energy when even a simple banana or apple seems to give me a reaction. Kefir and even dairy free Kefir (from So Delicious, b/c of carranegnean) give me problems so having these bacterial enzymes with every meal seems out of the question. Getting somewhat drunk on rum & whiskey seem to actually make me more energetic the next day so maybe looking into mead & moonshine might be worthwhile. Other than that I'm kind of lost when it comes to carbs aside from the obligatory squash, some berries, and very little honey.

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