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I am wondering what your symptoms are when you get glutenated and how long they last. I ate salad dressing accidentally and actually went #2 in my pants the next day. After cross contamination I usually have bloating, lower back pain, head aches, and increased bathroom trips for almost a week. Are these symptoms common? My symptoms of being glutenated are also getting worse the longer I have been gluten-free...is that common?

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For me when I get glutened my stomach will start to rumble about an hour after and then I know. I bloat and my feet and hands swell and I also make more bathroom trips for about aweek sometimes 2 weeks and I do get the headaches and become more irritable. I am like you, mine are getting worse the longer I am gluten free.

Been cross contaminated twice and glutened bad once.

Once we learn all the safety from the people on here we will be pro's too :)

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Sorry for Hi-Jacking this thread, but the Thread Name caught my attention.

I've seen the word Glutenated, Glutened, Glutenation, and the last one I found in an obscure dictionary 'Glutard' and 'Glutarded'.

Anyone any ideas which one is correct, or is it just a matter of usage and there is NO official word to describe having ingested gluten (glutened ..my choice of word) or when someone is fed gluten in a restaurant by accident (I was Glutened.. My choice of word)

If someone knew of any specific word being used say in a medical context or in a dictionary, I'd really appreciate you letting me know, so I can pass it on! This has been a point of discussion on a UK Board.

Many Thanks and once again sorry for the Hi-Jack.

Best Regards,


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