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Gluten Free Chewable Vitamins

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I know several people on here have mentioned that it's hard to find chewable vitamins that are labeled gluten free, and I've definitely had the same problem. "Adult" vitamins make me sick to my stomach, and I'd been taking Flintstones vitamins before going gluten free, but stopped over some concern from the manufacturer.

I noticed yesterday at Wal-Mart that their Equate Chewable Children's Vitamins (comparable to Flintstones) are now labeled "Gluten Free" on the back. I'd heard that labeling was going to change, but was SO happy to see it on their chewable vitamins...just wanted to get the word out in case anyone else is still looking for chewables!

Also, at my Wal-Mart, there were still some bottles of vitamins without the labeling...guess they're older stock, not sure if they're safe or not.

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Thanks for sharing! I am going to pick some up this weekend.

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