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Scott Adams

Celiac Disease Often Mis-Diagnosed - Ozarks First

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Celiac Disease Often Mis-Diagnosed

Ozarks First

Celiac Disease causes people to have an intolerance for gluten....which means they can't eat anything made with wheat, rye or barley. ...

sns-health-do-you-have-celiac-disease Baltimore Sun

Healthy Haven owner has new outlet for getting word out about celiac disease Fall River Herald News

Going gluten-free? New Celiac Disease Support Group in community Dunn County News

Celiac.com (blog)

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I just happened to catch the broadcast on our local morning news. I thought they did a nice job.

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I liked the story, but I was irritated by one part, at the end, where she said, "I can't have bread or cookies anymore, but at least I feel better."

This just makes me so mad because it's so untrue. There are some wonderful gluten free breads and cookies out there, and now the general public believes that people with celiac are doomed forever with a diet with no bread or cookies. It's just not true. I have yet to find anything that I couldn't eat before, the food just has to be made with different ingredients.

Sorry, just my little vent. I feel like most people know so little about celiac, and putting this kind of information out there is not helping people understand celiac very well. There was some good information in the story, but this kind of popped out to me and made me upset. :(

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