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Gluten Free Baked Goods In Alaska

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While I was home for Spring Break, I noticed something: there were cranberry scones somewhere (don't recall where) that said "gluten free". I looked; noticed that it was a sorghum base, and moved on. Cool enough, but not worth the migraine from the sorghum. But worth noting, because Alaskans aren't known for having copious amounts of Alaskan-baked gluten free food on the shelf. I'd seen Alaskan-baked stuff at Middle Way in Anchorage before, and that was it.

Then I was in Europa Bakery in Anchorage and found out that they too carry these scones. But they also had chocolate chip cookies and cranberry almond cookies. The fact that the cookies used only almond meal was a point in their favor.

Bought both, even though they weren't casein free. (Besides, I'd been about three seconds from caving and buying a slice of Europa cake. Hives versus glutening...hives are going to win.)

If you're in AK? Almond Hearth, a Fairbanks-based company, is awesome. The cookies tasted amazing. According to almondhearth.com, they're available around Anchorage and Fairbanks right now, but that you can request that they start selling them in your town.

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Do you still live in Alaska? I live in Anchorage and am allergic to gluten, dairy, and I suspect a few other things like sorghum.

I've seen baked goods at Middle Way but I've been hesitant to try them. Where else do you buy baked goods in Alaska?

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