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Hi there... well I have known for many yrs that I am sensitive to wheat..but have lived in denial about it...

I recently went to the sjogrens society of canadas patient conference and there was alot of talk about the connection btwn Sjogrens and Celiac.. well I have Sjogrens ...and a very long history of GI problems... I used to complain about it all the time.. and any time I have ended up in the ER it was because of abdominal pain and severe constipation or Diarrhea.. I have always got the old.. you have irritable bowel...

Lately I have had a really awful time with my "stomach issues" as we call them. I have osteopenia at 45... vit d deficiency and a history of iron deficiency.. I am goin to go to my allergist and ask her to test for me Celiacs.. I haven't had any gluten in the last day... will being off it a couple of days make a difference in the antibody test... I feel so awful I am afaird to eat much of anything.. and feeling better right now seems more important...but I would like to know if its an issue....


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Welcome and best of luck with your next doctor's appointment.

Check out some of the other threads on this forum asking for which specific tests to ask for, it seems like a very significant portion of docs are idiots in regards to this sort of condition set and most will not give you all the necessary tests cause they're working off of severely outdated information.

From your symptoms it definitely sounds like you are at quite a high risk for being gluten sensitive. If you're only really at less than a week off of gluten I'd personally suggest you stay on gluten products till you see your allergist. Every day you're off gluten the tests become slightly less reliable to different degrees and while a few days won't have a major effect on it, staying on your regular diet for just a few more days shouldn't be a severe problem for you.

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Thanks for the reply.. I did eat gluten yesterday.. and paying for it this morning... I called the drs and am goin to have the test this week.... so lets see what happens

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