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Thinking Of Going On A Family Cruise In December

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We are thinking of taking our kids on a cruise in December. Does anyone have any advice for me as far as eating gluten-free? Maybe you've had experience with good cruiselines or bad. If I call ahead will they better accomodate me or am I on my own???? We are starting to make plans now and it might make a difference on which cruiseline we decide to use. I'm kind of freaked out about this, but I don't want to become a hermit. (I'm only about 7 weeks gluten-free and my husband is just starting and he says he feels better already)

Oops just realized I posted this on the wrong forum. I will repost it on the travel forum, but don't know how to delete this one.. Sorry everyone!

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I have been researching this because I too want to go on a cruise. To be honest I have been calling them directly and asking how they have gluten free dinning in place. Here is what I gathered so far...

Carnival: they have no policy or procedures in place for gluten free dinning. Meaning they will make you gluten-free choices, but there are no guidelines they follow. And talking to the lady on the phone when I asked about gluten free options, she immediately said "theres a buffet available, that way you can just get specifically what you want without gluten." :blink: I told her about CC after that and that a buffet is a risky option, so she told me I needed to speak with the chef then and I have to constantly stay on top of them to make me the right meals. Suffice to say, I will not be traveling on that line anytime soon.

Disney: they basically are aware of CC and gluten free dinning. The lady I spoke to said, "if you want gluten free, you get gluten free...whether a birthday cake or a loaf of bread". She did say I needed to speak to the chef once on board, but after that they will follow up with you directly. So they are much more on top of things, I will booking with them in the future.

I would call them and see how comfortable you are with the answers provided. That's just me though. B)

Best of luck-

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