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irish daveyboy

Migraine, Carpal Tunnel, Depression, Psychosis Linked To Celiac Disease

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From Medscape Medical News January 7, 2010

Migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome are common among celiac patients, a new study shows.

After screening a cohort of 72 patients with biopsy-proven celiac disease, researchers also report that many experience psychiatric problems, with 35% of celiac patients reporting a history of depression, personality changes, or psychosis.

Atypical neurological presentations are thought to occur in 6% to 10% of celiac patients, the study authors note.

Prior studies have suggested that cerebellar ataxia is the most frequent symptom.

This new study observed cerebellar ataxia in 6% of patients.

Another 6% had vestibular dysfunction.

In all, 26% of patients experienced afferent ataxia.

About a third of patients had stance and gait problems, and many experienced deep sensory loss and reduced ankle reflexes.

"Gait disturbances in celiac disease do not only result from cerebellar ataxia but also from proprioceptive or vestibular impairment," report investigators led by Katrin B

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You are bring'in me down David. :blink: I just drank a gluten free beer. Oh wait, that's a good source of folate. Guess I had better drink another gluten-free beer. Not so bad after all! And those nuts I just ate with my beer are a good source of Vitamin E. Ok, feeling better. :D It seems biopterin is produced in the pineal gland. Not sure I can do anything for that. Back to my gluten-free beer then... :P

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