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Oh My Stomach Hurts! Sorry Message Is So Long

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Quick history brother diagnosed celiac over 10 years ago follows strict diet. Dad follows diet fairly well for 84 yr old! No speific blood test but has B12 anemia, bloating, loose stools and gas. Dr. told him he "probably" was celiac told to follow diet. Does feel better, stomach bloating much better.

Me-MS, possible arthritis based illness, severe GERD, asthma, few other things. So given family history I went gluten free in the fall, did well during christmas, cheated some but find it so hard to eat enough protein to feel like a normal person, and I have a big problem with constipation, hard time swallowing and finally Ive been cheating again with some things. I'm realizing the burning acid is reaccuring in waves, coughing so hard I trigger my gag reflex which is easily done and kinda throw up. I drink a lot of water, but it is also filling and also refluxes.

Today I went back gluten free and noticed maybe the naseau a bit better in the AM. Also worked on stopping coughing before I gagged. Questions; I don't eat breakfast very well but will eat Greek yogurt and fruit. Don't like gluten free bread/cakes etc..lunch is easier and supper is very easy. I don't like meat, absolutely love cheese. With fatigue from MS have very hard time cooking.

Can anyone help me with foods not including a lot of meat, lower in cholesteral, lower in acid, andor supplements that can help that's not "real" bread.


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I also have problems getting enough protein, so I know your pain. Are you able to eat soy? It can be a problem for some people, but if you can tolerate it I find tofu quite digestable. What about other vegetarian sources of protein? Beans and pulses - chick peas, lentils etc are good (though I have probelems with them). Do you eat eggs?

It may seem odd to start with, but there is nothing to stop you eating a smaller lunch or dinner type meal for breakfast if it helps you get nutrition.

Have you tried cooking methods that break down the food well? I have periods of time where my stomach clamps up and it's hard to eat anything. I have dropped back to steamed veggies and tofu in a light broth, this helps to break down the food before it hits your stomach and makes it less likely to trigger reflux. Soups and stews are a good option for the same reason. I've seriously considered pureeing my food at times, i will do it if I can't get enough nutrition.

As you've only just dropped the gluten again, hopefully you may start to feel better in the next few weeks or months. Keeping a food and symptom diary is a great idea in case you have any food intolerances triggering these symptoms. If you can see a dietician it may help, and they could tell you how much protein you can get by on.

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