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Pier 49 Pizza

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Just thought that I would report that I had the gluten free pizza at Pizza 49 Sourdough Pizza. I believe they have locations throughout Idaho, Utah, Arizona. I ate at the restaurant in Bountiful, UT last week. Although I had my hopes really high that it would be "restaurant style" thick crust, ooey cheese, garlicky pizza like Domino's or some other chain, it wasn't. However, I'm grateful that they serve the gluten free crust pizza, of course.

It's a great option for gluten-free "fast food" on the road, but I wouldn't get your hopes up for the quality. It was no better than a very think crust frozen pizza (not much flavor). I'm pretty sure they had it already pre-baked and it was frozen.

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I looked up what the ingredients where that they use in the gluten-free pizza at Pier 49, and found out that what you suspect is right - they are pre-made crusts that they buy from another company. In fact you can buy them yourself (but they are kind or expensive). :)

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