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Recent Diagnosis And Diet Change, Now She Is Super Emotional

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Anyone out there experience this. My 6 1/2 yr old was recently diagnosed. We changed her diet 1 week ago and she is now over emotional and hyper sensitive. She cries over small problems and gets angry easier. Is this the diet change? any feedback is welcome.


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I think that's from gluten withdrawl - I think your body feels crappy when you start. My daughter went through the same thing for a few weeks after we started the diet. My nephew has celiac too and my sister said this is not unusual. My daughter was just a basket case for a couple of weeks. She was moody, emotional and angry, but then after about two weeks, she got much better and said she felt like herself again. I think it was also an emotional time for everyone. I felt like I could never be organized enough to deal with it and felt like we could never just run out of the house unprepared and mourned the end of the days where we go somewhere and just grab a slice of pizza. As she was going through the diagnosis, she ate her favorite all time gluten goodies for the last time. For her that was some mac and cheese from a deli near our house, chinese food buffet with cake, and naan bread from her favorite Indian restaurant. I was looking back because her spring vacation is coming up next week which is when her pediatrician called me a year ago to let me know her celiac test was positive. It gets a lot better, but it's not that fast.

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