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Hi, I am only one month gluten free. I have had terrible rib cage bone pain for several years and it radiates through the whole rib cage. My feet and leg bones also ache. This is the only pain that has not subsided with the gluten free diet but then again I am only one month "clean". I had suspected it is the malabsorption problem but not sure what to do about it except continue with vitamin supplements, D, magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium. I'm just relating this to verify that it is happening to me too. I am very grateful to all who post as it has helped me tremendously in my first month out of the "fog" of gluten. Also it is reassuring to learn that others have the same atypical symptoms as I do. Very worried about my bones but can't afford a bone scan. I had read about using "bone broth" to supplement the vitamins and minerals nutritionally so that is what I am trying. Today I made chicken broth....and was very happy to be able to have the energy to do that. My first post....to all my new gluten-free soulmates. :)

I am in the same boat as you. I haven't been gluten-free that long so it's hard to say. I still have pain in my bones and joints although I was accidentally glutened the other day and it was way way way worse! I could barely move my fingers because they were so painful! I hope it goes away eventually! I'm only 24 and I feel like I have arthritis already!

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Hi there, Thankyou for sharing your symptoms and advice. This gives me hope! I have been suffering from rib cage pain costochondritis for a year now with no diagnosis. This gives me hope. I am going to try Gluten free diet to see if it gives me relief.

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On 11/3/2010 at 8:57 AM, julandjo said:

Just chiming in to add that I too have had tons of rib/chest pain. For years. Not a single doctor or specialist has been able to figure out why. I was dx'd Celiac in June, but couldn't convince my dr. to do the bloodwork for vitamin/mineral deficiencies until August. My vit. D was very low (25), but still I had to push the issue to get an rx for a high-potency D supplement (nice, huh?). The pain has begun to improve! I am noticing, however, that not only is the pain brought on by various food triggers, it's always there for several days during a big hormonal shift (around ovulation and menstruation). Like clockwork. Any ideas why this might be?

Julandjo, I could have written this post. These are my exact symptoms. Your post is giving me hopes to try gluten-free diet. Did it help you to get some relief from costochondritis? Thanks for posting.

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